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CN Outsourced Finance is a professional service provider of Financial Management and Business Advisory services to small and medium-sized businesses.

We solve the problem of non-compliance and absence of financial management in small to medium businesses by offering the solution of an Outsourced Financial management function which includes, Accounting, Tax, Payroll and CIPC services.

About CN Outsourced Finance

CN Outsourced Finance boast two directors and founders with over 40 years of combined experience. This includes experience in internal audit, external audit, accounting, compliance, corporate governance, tax, payroll and business management. They are also highly qualified with combined MBA and Chartered Accountant qualifications.

It is because of this combination of unique skills set that CN Outsourced Finance can offer a remarkable “Broad Service Offering”. We start from registering our clients’ company with CIPC and through other statutory functions, to producing Annual Financial Statements and also offer Business Advisory.

Passion - Why We Do It

When clients come with no financial management function CN Outsourced Finance has the motivation to ensure they are fully compliant. On top of this, our efficiency can take a company with only bank statements and some invoices to the required level in a short time.

In a year they have processes, an operational financial management function and reliable financial reports to measure the performance of their business.

CN Outsourced Finance has the belief that by the creation of partnerships with our clients we can propel the businesses to the next level. Likewise, it is satisfactory to see businesses grow as we form part of this growth.

Our Mission

CN Outsourced Finance’s mission is to provide a broad spectrum of tailored outsourced financial management services and business management consultancy, thereby adding value to the business operations.

It is our belief that our customers should have peace of mind at all times. With our finance support function, we guarantee efficient and effective solutions. This frees the management to focus on their company’s core function.

It is our goal to contribute to socio-economic development. CN Outsourced Finance does this by mentoring the South African youth through quality skills training program.

Our Vision

CN Outsourced Finance’s vision is to be the leader in the service provider of financial management and corporate governance solutions to small and medium businesses. Our goal extends to being the top company in the industry worldwide through high-quality work standards.

We also aspire to be an employer of choice in the field of financial management by providing career-moulding on the job training, thereby up-skilling our employees and those of our clients.

Our Empowerment Credentials

CN Outsourced Finance is a 100% black female-owned and controlled business. We are a BBBEE level 1 enterprise. Moreover, our scorecard allows our clients to have 135% procurement recognition when they are rated for their BBBEE scorecard.

Corporate Social Responsibility

CN Outsourced Finance contributes to socio-economic development. We have made it our mission to employ the unemployed South African youth without any experience or with limited experience. We also provide them with training and mentoring.