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Manage staff leave days efficiently with payroll management services

Mismanagement of annual leave can have a big ripple effect on a company’s efficiency and effectiveness. CN Outsourced Finance is a leading provider of outsourced payroll management services that are designed to optimise your payroll processes, streamline your business, and boost your employee satisfaction.

The best way to start managing correctly is by having a leave policy in place that covers annual, family responsibility, sick, maternity, paternity, study and unpaid leave.

Then make sure to:

  • Encourage employees to take annual leave throughout the leave year
  • Allocate leave on a first come, first served basis
  • Set limits on the number of employees who can take leave at the same time
  • Specify any time frames where taking leave will and will not be permitted
  • Ask employees to provide notice when requesting leave
  • Evaluate requests for extended holidays carefully
  • Automate leave applications by using an employee self-service (ESS) software

When the above is done well, it allows ample time for planning and little room for error.

Our payroll services are supplied by highly-skilled and experienced payroll accountants with a keen interest in enhancing the performance and efficiency of your business. Our payroll services include a comprehensive set of skills and services for monthly, annual, and bi-annual processes.