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Financial Management Consultancy

As Financial Management Consultants we provide business advisory in strategic finance, strategy formulation, and operations. We partner with your business as we design the best strategic solutions to improve performance and efficiencies in operations. This translates to increased profitability for your small to medium-sized business.

Through our strategic finance capabilities, the Financial Management Consultants work with businesses in assessing viability of potential acquisitions.


We will review and evaluate all business factors of a business before you acquire it. As such, our service will provide your business with the due diligence required to improve the chances of a successful buy.

We help your business conduct proper checks before buying/acquiring a business. Furthermore, your business can contact us to work with one of our Financial Management Consultants.

Due diligence audits include checking of taxes, payroll, employee contracts, assets, income, customer contracts. Moreover, it will help you to make an informed decision when buying a business.

This can be achieved when one understands the value, the costs and future prospects of the potential bought/acquired business.

Moreover, we will conduct the due diligence audit with care and skill. This allows us to start planning for your business takeover in the best way possible.

As we perform the due diligence audit we get to understand the factors that can improve your company’s financial success.

Our other Financial Management Consultants services assist you with a business valuation when looking to buy a business. Our Financial Management Consultants will walk the journey with you in order for you to understand the viability of the planned business acquisition.

You will now have the necessary projections to plan for the future. This ensures that your business can plan for long term goals without fear of over-estimating the viability of the business.

Our Management Consultants will also assist you with a post-merger integration to increase the chances of success after the acquisition. With the help of our Financial Management Consultants, you will be provided with full transparency.

Your facts and figures will be correct and up to date and the potential investment can be more successful because of this.

With a whole host of other services available to you we will partner with you as you work to steer your business to a successful path. Feel free to browse through our services and contact us today for more information on our Management Consultancy services.

Work with our Financial Management Consultants and start to grow your business the right way.

Strategic Finance
  • Business Valuations
  • Investment Analysis
  • Financial Modelling
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Mergers and Acquisitions:
    • Financial Due Diligence
    • Post-Merger Integration
Business Advisory - Operations & Strategy
  • Strategy development and execution
  • Business Processes and Internal Controls development
  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Systems Development and Implementation
  • Policy Development & Implementation
  • Operational efficiency improvements
  • Assist in formulating Business Plans for stimulating business growth
  • Data analytics

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