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Using a non-professional payroll service provider

Going it alone or using someone other than a professional payroll service provider can easily result in unnecessary errors such as fraud, tax penalties and late or incorrect tax submissions.

The biggest benefit of using an outsourced payroll expert is that they will keep your business compliant with payroll tax laws and changes.

While you are an expert at your business, unless your business is a payroll service provide or accounting firm, you probably do not have the time to become a payroll tax expert. Not to mention the cost and time savings you will realise, which is nothing short of music to the ears of SME owners.

Managing your payroll might sound easy but for SMEs, it is more complex than you think.

CN Outsourced Finance’s payroll services are supplied by highly-skilled and experienced payroll accountants with a keen interest in enhancing the performance and efficiency of your business. Our payroll services include a comprehensive set of skills and services for monthly, annual, and bi-annual processes for small and medium-sized businesses.