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Why SMEs should outsource their payroll

For SMEs, spending money on outsourcing your payroll needs can save you much more in the long run… not only in rand value but also in time, which is a SME owner’s greatest commodity.

As your business grows, it takes more time and becomes increasingly difficult to keep the process neat, tidy and detailed – leaving room for error when you can least afford it.

Investing in a payroll professional to manage this for your business means that you can spend your time on other, important activities in the business.

Keep in mind there is much more to payroll than paying salaries. Expenses such as travel costs, incentives, overtime, operational costs and tax all need to factored in and calculated accurately.

Using someone who does this daily and understands your needs, saves you time, reduces all the risks and ultimately brings you peace of mind. One less thing to worry about. Who doesn’t want that?