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Why you should outsource your payroll

If you’ve been considering outsourcing your payroll, but you’re concerned about handing information over to a third party, you can rest assured that the right partner will save money and allow you to focus on other core functions, like growing your business.

A company like CN Outsourced Finance is a leading provider of outsourced payroll management services designed to optimise your payroll processes, streamline your business, and boost your employee satisfaction.

Outsourced payroll services are supplied by highly skilled and experienced payroll accountants with a keen interest in enhancing the performance and efficiency of your business.

The benefits of outsourcing your payroll

Outsourcing your payroll may sound like an additional expense, but by allocating your precious work hours to other important business activities, it will ultimately save you money.

Managed payroll service providers actively prevent various security threats such as how you store this data, and who can access it, identity theft, and embezzlement. By outsourcing your payroll, you can be assured of data security and top-notch encryption methods.

Payroll management services are up to date on the various legalities surrounding payroll management. When outsourcing your payroll, you work with a team of professionals who are dedicated exclusively to this field. This will ensure there are no compliance mistakes or missed deadlines that can result in penalties, again, saving you money and decreasing stressful situations.

CN Outsourced Finance payroll services

CN Outsourced Finance provides a complete range of payroll management services for small to medium businesses that allow our clients to focus on the core facets of their business, with the peace of mind that their payroll obligations are seen to down to the finest details.

These services include:

  • Full payroll processing on Sage Payroll or VIP (monthly)
  • Payslips
  • Monthly general ledger recons
  • PAYE, SDL, UIF submissions (monthly)
  • UIF declarations (monthly)
  • IRP5 recons (twice a year)
  • Workmen’s compensation returns (once a year)

Contact CN Outsourced Finance for details

If you would like to know more about outsourcing your payroll to our team of professionals, get in touch with a representative from CN Outsourced Finance today.